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On Grid

Sol-Wave On-Grid or Grid-Tie solar systems are by far the most common and widely used by residential, commercial or industrial sector. These systems do not need batteries and use common solar inverters and are connected to the normal electricity grid. Any excess solar power that you generate is exported to the electricity grid and the units you export sets off with the off-peak units. You usually get paid a feed-in-tariff (fit) or credits for the energy you export. As we are working in these systems, we have successfully installed different systems around the country which are beneficial for the consumers and help them to reduce their electricity bills to zero.


Sol-Wave Modern hybrid systems combine solar, grid and battery storage in one and are now available in many different forms and configurations. Due to the increasing cost of battery storage, systems that are already connected to the electricity grid can start taking advantage of battery storage as well. This means being able to store solar energy that is generated during the day and using it at night. When the stored energy is depleted, the grid is there as a backup, allowing consumers to have the best of both worlds. Hybrid systems are also able to charge the batteries using cheap electricity with the minimum connection from the normal grid so that the batteries can be used again in the night as a backup if the previously stored backup is completely utilized.

Off Grid

Offgrid systems are similar to hybrid systems but dependent on batteries only. an ongrid system is that the opposite. In an off-grid system there is no normal electricity grid. Once solar power is used by the appliances in your property, any excess power will be sent to your battery bank. Once the battery is full it will stop receiving power from the solar system. When your solar system is not working (night time or cloudy days), your appliances will draw power from the batteries.
Uninterrupted electricity provided to load shedding areas


A solar-powered water system (tubewell) is formed of two basic parts. the solar electric modules are the main facilitator to the pumping station. The electricity from the panels goes to the motor and pump, which send the water through the pipe to your designated area/tank. Many solar-powered water systems pump the water into an outsized holding tank. Sol-Wave is working with these systems from a very long time and have a good knowledge and experience in having and installing such systems where required.

Some reasons why you should use Sol-Wave Solar Solutions

  • Superior quality Tier-1 solar modules by high quality & trusted brands.
  • Free on-site survey!
  • solarway-energy uses a unique cost-benefit financial projection to show you the estimated savings and return on investments.
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